Meet Alex Witherow

Alex combines multiple years of car-sharing operational experience, high level car-sharing market intelligence and a vast network of industry contacts to deliver high-caliber consultations and connections to clients


About Alex

Alex has run a car-sharing company on all platforms - Getaround, Turo, Hyrecar, and UBER Car-Share. And most notoriously, developed a proprietary private rentals system for rideshare drivers.  Through Alex's YouTube channel, Car Rental University, Alex has built a large network of hosts and industry professionals. Between car-sharing hosts, his relationships with car-sharing companies and private equity companies, Alex hears everything happening on the ground floor of this industry.

Alex is an air traffic controller of information in the car-sharing industry and serves as a powerful advisor and connector. He currently is the Chief Mobility Officer at Kairos Mobility Ventures and works regularly with companies small and large to help them start and scale in the car-sharing industry. He has run his business in New York City, Atlanta, and now resides in Miami, FL from where he manages multiple fleet operations teams.

Car Rental University

Teaching You How to Start A Car Rental Business

"I've spoken with all of the major YouTube car rental influencers to fix my rental business. Alex was the only one that had a viable solution."

Paul Rivera, Car Fleet Owner, Chicago, IL

"Alex Witherow helped steer me away from a couple of disastrous mistakes in my rental business, & towards a couple of long-term opportunities--the kind that will pay tens of thousands for years to come."

Dorothy Young, Car Fleet Owner, Baltimore, MD

"Hands-down, Alex has the best operational, ground-floor knowledge of the car-sharing industry. From the financials, to the different car-share companies, to UBER drivers, to insurance, he knows it all off the top of his head. He is worth 7 figures to us."

Don Schreffler, Kairos Capital Resources, Washington, DC

"Alex gave me amazing advice to fix my underwater loans. He was a huge help!"

Seprex Ventures, Car Fleet Owner, Miami, FL

"Alex saved me in the claims process! I know that if I ever have an issue, I can call him."

Evan Hooker, Car Fleet Owner, Atlanta, GA

“There’s a lot of great information Alex has that’s not listed on his YouTube channel. Alex has been instrumental in setting up my business."

Connor Newman, Car Fleet Owner, Boston, MA

“We really envision abundant possibilities collaborating with you and fellow experts in this field to create something truly groundbreaking. Thank you for the connection.”

Maxwell Zetlin, CEO, MVP Car Club, New York City

"Rarely do I interact with anyone in this industry that knows so much about fleet insurance. Alex knows his stuff."

Edward Walker, VP, HUB Insurance International, Los Angeles, CA