Do you want to learn the most lucrative form of car rentals?

The Private Agreement Playbook will teach you how to rent cars privately and long-term to drivers giving you an option to circumvent car-share apps and maximize profits.  This is a proprietary system developed by Car Rental University.


All The Tools You Need To Setup A Successful Private Rental Agreement

This process was perfected over five years and provides you an expert system to setup private rentals making you $1,800 to $2,000 per car per month in a long-term rental agreement. When slow season hits the car-share apps, this is the ideal way to offset the lack of revenue and to diversify your strategy.


Learn to Vette Drivers

Finding the right driver to rent to is important.  Follow my process to save yourself months of headaches.

Learn to Insure Properly

You don't want to mess up this component.  Find out the product that fits this agreement perfectly!

Learn to Automate Payment and Scale

Collecting payment in this agreement is half the battle.  Learn how to incentivize and automate on-time payments.

Unlimited Access to Alex Witherow

You will have questions.  Trust us. But within the Private Agreement Playbook, you have unlimited access to ask questions to Alex Witherow for those unique situations that arise.

Build a Community of Entrepreneurs

When you purchase the Private Agreement Playbook, you will be included in our monthly Car Rental University Mastermind group where we discuss any issues we're having in our businesses. This is a curated group of fantastic entrepreneurs!

Unlimited Access to Private Webinars

You will receive access to the library of past Car Rental University webinars that cover a wide variety of topics in the car rental industry.

Eric Van Slyke Car-Rental Entrepreneur, Atlanta, GA

“Your private rentals agreement system is unique and more lucrative than any car-share platform from what I’ve seen.  There’s nothing like it on YouTube.”

Richard Telling Car-Rental Entrepreneur, Portland, OR

"There is tons of fantastic information in this course."

Connor Newman Car-Rental Entrepreneur, Boston, MA

“There’s a lot of great information in this course that’s not listed on your YouTube channel.”

THE $1,200 You-Will-Not-Fail GUARANTEE

After taking this course and applying the concepts, if your first car doesn't make $1,200 in revenue in the first month, Alex Witherow will personally address your business so that the car makes at least $1,200 the second month.  If he can't fix it, the course will be refunded.

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